Allen & Allen Cares: Helping Our Heroes

Allen & Allen Cares: Helping Our Heroes

Once a hero, always a hero. Allen & Allen Cares: Helping Our Heroes is the Allen Law Firm’s community giving program, which connects former Allen & Allen Hometown Heroes with grants to aid their local nonprofits.

The firm awards a $1,000 charitable donation to different 501 (C)(3) organizations, to support everyday heroes who make a difference in their communities.

In 2010, in honor of the firm’s 100th anniversary, Allen & Allen kicked off its Hometown Heroes program to honor those helping make our communities better places to live, work, and play. Since then, the firm has honored over 450 heroes across Virginia.

The Allen Law Firm’s founder, George E. Allen, Sr. said: “The more of our lives we give to others, the fuller and richer, the greater and the grander, the more beautiful and more happy our own lives become…our love, our service, our helpfulness to others invariably comes back to us.” The firm stands by this guiding principle to this day.

Allen & Allen Cares Recipients

Terry Ebright & Sally Graham

GoochlandCares provides basic human services and health care to their Goochland neighbors in need, serving their community with compassion and dignity. This 501c3 nonprofit envisions an equitable community, in which all persons have their basic needs met, empowering them to lead lives of self-dignity and well-being.

Terry Ebright and Sally Graham are former Allen & Allen Hometown Heroes and employees of the organization. They introduced the firm to GoochlandCares and the hard work they’ve accomplished in recent years. Graham is the founder and executive director, while Ebright serves as the food pantry manager for the clinic. They have been working throughout the pandemic to support Goochland residents experiencing food insecurity.

GoochlandCares provides a full list of services, such as clothing, medical care, medical transportation, mental health care, dental care, case management, financial assistance, critical home repair, emergency housing, sexual and domestic violence services, and GED/ESL education services.

The GoochlandCares food pantry is open five days a week. The nonprofit is offering curbside pickup and pre-packed bags to help keep staff and clients safe during the pandemic.

See the announcement here.

All Blessings Flow

All Blessings Flow collects, cleans, refurbishes, and redistributes medical equipment free of charge to those in need in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and surrounding counties. Annie Dodd is the founder and executive director of All Blessings Flow and a 2019 Allen & Allen Hometown Hero.

The organization accepts small equipment donations like canes and crutches, unopened wound care supplies and gloves, and adult briefs and bed pads. They also collect larger equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, and electric hospital beds.

Since its founding in 2015, All Blessings Flow has assisted more than 9,000 individuals with medical equipment. It distributes more than 700 medical items each month and operates on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

See the announcement here.

Vets on Track Foundation

The Vets on Track Foundation is a non-profit that is focused on finding housing and home furnishings for veterans and first responders in Virginia. Founded by 2019 Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, Rick Ecker, the foundation has furnished more than 600 homes.

Rick served in the United States Marine Corps for more than two decades and started the foundation in 2013. The organization relies on donations and volunteers from the community to carry out its mission.

"We are excited to get this mission back to 100 percent capabilities and help our veterans at a second chance at life," says Rick.

To learn more about Vets on Track and how to get involved, visit their website .

Girls For A Change

Angela Patton, created Girls For A Change to empower Black girls in Central Virginia “…to visualize their bright futures and potential through discovery, development, innovation, and social change in their communities. Our mission is to prepare Black girls for the world and the world for Black girls.”

The organization runs an Immersion Lab, a professional development center where young women earn certifications with online programs and apps. They maintain a Learning Garden, where they cultivate plants while enjoying fresh air, sun, and physical activity. Their Girl Ambassador Program prepares these young women for the workforce, creating strong candidates for coveted jobs. These are but a few of many programs being spearheaded by Girls for a Change.

“Angela is a pillar in the community, and we’re grateful to have had the chance to meet her through our Hometown Heroes program in 2017. Since then, we’ve continued to follow her work and Girls For A Change,” said Edward Allen, President of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. “Their work to empower and advocate for Black girls is critical to the vitality of our communities, and we’re thrilled to support their mission with this donation.”

Learn more about Girls For A Change by visiting .

Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation

Founded in 2016, the Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation supports families by providing food, money for bills, help with housing, transportation costs, and gifts during the holidays for patients of cancer and their families.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, Chuck Eley, founder of the Lisa Pitts Eley Foundation, was presented a check for a $1,000 donation to the foundation. The foundation was created in honor of Eley's wife Lisa after she lost her battle with lung cancer.

Learn more about the Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation by visiting

Men to Heal

Men to Heal is an organization that helps Black men cultivate coping mechanisms, as they are four times more likely to die by suicide than Black women. Embracing a modern approach to mental health, men are encouraged to express themselves through counseling in a safe environment, free from stigma. A wellness center on-site offers outpatient therapy, yoga, a mindfulness practice, and resources for financial information.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, James Harris, founder of Men to Heal, was presented a check for a $1,000 donation to the foundation. Harris, a licensed mental health professional who holds a Master's degree in Clinical Mental health Counseling, created Men to Heal in 2018 to bring awareness to the stigma surrounding mental health among boys, men, and underserved populations.

Learn more about Men to Heal by visiting

Cover One

Cover One recognizes the significant impact that athletics have on our youth. Being involved in athletics can open doors to opportunities in higher education, as well as help athletes maintain optimum health and stress management. The foundation is keenly aware of the role that resources and opportunities can play in helping an athlete or an organization reach their full potential.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, Rob Reid accepted a check for a $1,000 donation from Allen & Allen to support Cover One.

Learn more about Cover One by visiting

Comfort Zone Camp

Comfort Zone Camp is a bereavement organization that transforms the lives of children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, primary caregiver, or significant person. Their programs are free of charge and include trust-building activities and age-based support groups that break the emotional isolation grief often brings. Comfort Zone’s programs are offered to children ages 7-17, and their families for the family programs, plus we offer young adult programs for 18-25-year-olds.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, and founder and CEO of Comfort Zone Camp, Lynne Hughes was presented a $1,000 check as a donation. Hughes has been instrumental in building a network of employees and volunteers, all dedicated to healing children who have lost a loved one. Together, they create trust-building activities and age-based support groups that break the emotional isolation so commonly associated with grief.

Learn more about Comfort Zone Camp by visiting


Worthdays is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that those impacted by the foster care system know that they are important, worthy, and celebrated.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, Caroline Neal, founder of Worthdays, was presented a check on behalf of her charity. Neal noticed a lack of engagement between the foster care system and the greater community and wanted to ensure that children in the Virginia foster care system were being celebrated on their birthdays, during the holidays, at their graduations, and at other milestones.

Learn more about Worthdays by visiting

Tech for Troops

Tech for Troops aims to improve the lives of veterans and their families by providing nationwide digital services. This nonprofit services the under-resourced population by providing sustainable lifelong digital skills via training, and providing veterans with refurbished digital devices.

Allen & Allen Hometown Hero, Mark Casper, was presented with a $1,000 check on behalf of Allen & Allen Cares: Helping Our Heroes.

Learn more about Tech for Troops by visiting