Our Story

Our Story

The Allen Law Firm was founded in 1910 by George E. Allen in Lunenburg County, VA. Building his law practice on the philosophy that “we find our lives in spending them in the service of others,” he dedicated his life and work to serving as an advocate for those in need. Three generations of the Allen family have since continued this commitment to service while working to establish Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen both as an authority in providing quality legal assistance to injured persons and as an altruistic cornerstone in the communities they serve.

Many noteworthy events have helped to shape Allen & Allen into the strong and compassionate law firm it is today. From respected leadership achievements to strategic victories in major cases, each milestone stands as a reflection of our founding principles of service, compassion, and respect.


George E. Allen relocated his firm to Richmond, VA in 1931 and expanded the practice by bringing his three sons aboard. The name transitioned to Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen as a result. True to his character, Mr. Allen chose to make these major changes to his firm during the Great Depression because he believed that doing what was right and most beneficial for those he served was worth the risk. His choice proved a beneficial one and the relocation allowed the mission of the practice to reach more people in need of its services and also provided a broader variety of cases from which its attorneys gained invaluable experience.


The Allen Law Firm challenged Ford Motor Company in a “David versus Goliath” product liability case (Mahone v. Ford Motor Company) in 1951. Thorough investigation of a car crash concluded that a tire failure and the serious injuries of those in the vehicle that resulted from it were caused by faulty manufacturing of the car’s steering components.

This landmark victory was influential in the decision to focus the firm’s practice exclusively on personal injury.


In 1964, the American College of Trial Lawyers presented George E. Allen with the very first Griffin Bell Award for Courageous Advocacy. This award honors outstanding courage demonstrated by trial lawyers in unpopular or difficult cases, and it has only been presented to fourteen lawyers since its inception. George E. Allen received this award for recognition of his untiring dedication to justice during his work defending a member of a minority group against unjust charges.


George E. Allen, III, was the first of the 3rd generation of Allens to join the family practice in 1973. "Ted" Allen quickly earned a national reputation representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, and in 1980, became the first member of the Virginia Bar to be Board Certified as a Civil Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.


George Allen, Jr., helped to found the Southern Trial Lawyers Association in 1988. The group exemplifies professionalism, and its high ethical standards echo those of Allen & Allen. The Southern Trial Lawyers Association also shares the Allen Law Firm’s mission to promote education and philanthropy within the community.

The prestigious STLA War Horse Award was presented to George Allen, Jr. in 1990. The award honors an attorney who has been actively practicing law for over 30 years, who is recognized as a top courtroom advocate, who has contributed significantly to the teaching of trial advocacy through seminars and educational programs, and who is considered a genuine leader and true character of his time.

W. Coleman Allen, Jr. carries on this legacy as the 2018 recipient of the STLA War Horse Award.


The medical malpractice team of Allen & Allen won a record-setting verdict (Allen v. Mid-Atlantic Health Alliance, Inc., et al.) for a client in 2005 who was disabled due to undiagnosed swelling of the spinal cord.

The victory was recognized by Virginia Lawyers Weekly as the largest medical malpractice verdict in state history at that time.


In 2011, more than 100 years after George E. Allen began his law firm, Scott Fitzgerald was the first 4th generation Allen to join the practice with a commitment to carry on its legacy of excellence.

Philip Wilson “Wil” Van Winkle followed in his footsteps, joining the firm in 2018 after serving previously as a marketing intern and summer associate.


In 2013, the Allen Law Firm broke its previous medical malpractice record (set in 2005) when we obtained a $25 million jury verdict for a client who was misdiagnosed for a heart condition. This outcome now stands as one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Virginia state court history.


In 2014, a team of Allen & Allen attorneys obtained a $22 million settlement on behalf of a boy who suffered paralysis and brain injuries in a crash with a dump truck.

This recovery is recognized as the largest personal injury settlement in Virginia history involving a motor vehicle accident.


In 2018, Edward L. Allen, a 30-year veteran at Allen & Allen and third generation Allen family member, was named president of the Allen Law Firm. Edward is the first Allen family member to hold this position since Elizabeth Allen completed her service in 2007.

An accomplished litigator and talented attorney, Edward plans to propel the Firm forward in its decades-long mission to protect the injured and ensure the continuation of the Firm’s focus on delivering a superior client experience built on compassion, integrity, and 100 years of legal expertise.