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When you are injured at work, it can feel as though you have more questions than answers. How will I support my family while I recover? What about my job? Who is responsible for my medical bills and time away from work? Do I need a lawyer to help me?

Those who have experienced work-related injuries may be entitled to certain benefits through Workers’ Compensation, and the team of Virginia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Allen & Allen has the experience to help.

According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 117 workers in Virginia lost their lives in a workplace-related accident in 2017. That same year, 58,094 workplace-related injuries were reported. People often injured their backs, knee, head, or neck at work, and those in manufacturing jobs were disproportionately affected. 

What Should I Do in the Event of a Workplace Injury?

If you are injured at work, compensation may be available. Virginia law governing workers’ compensation cases is complex and can be especially challenging for injured victims. Workers’ compensation insurance provides for the cost of medical care and rehabilitation for injured workers and lost wages, as well as death benefits for the dependents of those killed. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can help determine whether the circumstances of your accident qualify as a viable claim, and that attorney’s assistance can be essential in collecting financial compensation if it does. Damages may include reimbursement or compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical needs

In a case involving a work-related injury, it’s essential to take early action by reporting the event to your employer within 30 days and then visiting a doctor to address your injuries. Such steps may be crucial in determining a successful outcome for your workers’ comp case.

It’s also important to remember that many insurance companies will contact you as early as the day after an accident to obtain a recorded statement about your injuries and details of the event that led to them. Giving a statement to the insurance company is typically not in your best interest. You are under no legal obligation to provide such a statement, and if you do, it could be used against you during attempts to resolve your case.

Before speaking with any insurance company representatives, you can protect yourself by contacting an attorney at Allen & Allen to discuss your situation. If you have a case, our experienced attorneys can help you by:

  • Collecting evidence that may need to be presented to protect your claim
  • Dealing with the employer’s insurance company
  • Obtaining a fair settlement offer for damages through negotiation
  • Litigating your case if necessary to get the result you deserve

Why Choose Allen & Allen?

The attorneys at Allen & Allen have more than 600 years of combined experience with accident cases. Over our 100 year history, we have handled many complex and devastating cases with victims sustaining broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Allen & Allen is a family firm built on compassionate service, and we are committed to protecting our clients throughout their recovery. We will fight for their fair treatment and compensation.

  • Case result: Attorney P. Christopher Guedri secured $42,000,000 on behalf of the three victims and the family of the single fatality of a workplace explosion.

Office Locations for Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you or a loved one have suffered due to an injury at your workplace or while in the course of your work, we understand the challenges you are facing. Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Virginia are available at seven convenient locations, listed below.

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Injury Types

Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury that affects the functioning of the spine, spinal cord, skull, or brain can lead to limited cognitive functioning and mobility. Permanent disabilities as a result of a severe automobile crash can have a major impact on a victim's quality of life and financial means.


When the damage to the spinal cord is classified as a "complete" injury to the spine, nerve sensation and voluntary movement is diminished, resulting in paralysis. A victim of a car accident with this type of injury will have to deal with physical limitations for the rest of their lives, often limiting them financially as well.

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For over 100 Years we have been tailoring our process to the needs of our clients. From your free initial consultation through settlement or litigation, you can count on a team of compassionate advocates that care about your settlement.

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