The Allen Law Firm makes donation to Men to Heal

Attorney Irvine Reaves visited the office of Men to Heal in Richmond to make a donation on behalf of the Allen Law Firm.

Irvine Reaves makes a donation for Men to Heal

This worthy organization helps Black men to cultivate coping mechanisms, as they are four times more likely to die by suicide than Black women. Embracing a modern approach to mental health, men are encouraged to express themselves through counseling in a safe environment, free from stigma. A wellness center on-site offers outpatient therapy, yoga, a mindfulness practice, and resources for financial information.

James Harris is the founder of Men to Heal, as well as a licensed clinical therapist. He accepted the donation, which was featured on CBS 6 in Richmond (WTVR-TV). Men to Heal will be holding an event, Boys and Wings, on Saturday March 5. It’s free and open to men over the age of 10. Visit the website for details.

This donation was given in part of the firm’s giving initiative Allen & Allen Cares: Helping our Heroes. We’ve honored hundreds of Hometown Heroes over the years – many of which are connected to admirable charities. Allen & Allen chooses a top-of-mind issue, and donates $1000 to charities with a similar focus.