Firm makes donation to Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation

Allen & Allen made a $1,000 donation to the Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation in Fredericksburg this week. Attorney and shareholder David Williams presented the check to founder Chuck Eley (center).

David Williams of Allen & Allen presenting a big check

Attorney David Williams, founder Chuck Eley and Michael White

The origin story for the Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation is particularly moving. In December 2014, after Eley’s wife Lisa lost her battle with lung cancer, his friends planned a surprise for his family over the holidays. The parents of one of the football players Eley had trained pulled together a group of friends, who showed up in a bus at the Eley home right before Christmas with more gifts than Chuck had ever seen.

Moved by this incredible act of kindness, Chuck decided to pay it forward to others struggling with the same daily needs that he and his daughters experienced.  In 2016, the Lisa Pitts Eley Cancer Foundation was started.

This donation is part of the firm’s giving initiative Allen & Allen Cares: Helping Our Heroes. We’ve honored many Hometown Heroes since the firm’s 100-year anniversary in 2010, and many of these Heroes are tied to deserving charities. Allen & Allen chooses a pressing issue affecting our community and donates $1,000 to charities that have a similar focus. And in this process, we are also honoring a former Hometown Hero. In this case, Chuck Eley was the chosen recipient.

“Allen & Allen is proud to recognize the Lisa Pitts Cancer Foundation as October’s Allen Cares recipient, with a $1,000 donation to their mission. This is a wonderful non-profit organization that supports the daily needs of families and individuals battling cancer in the Fredericksburg area,” said David Williams.