Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents

Experienced Bus Accident Attorneys

Each year, travelers, commuters, and school children rely on the nearly 900,000 buses on American roadways to get them safely to their destinations. Sometimes, those bus rides can turn tragic for passengers, motorists, or especially pedestrians.

According to recent data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Division, more than 38,000 people were seriously injured last year in bus-related crashes. If you’ve been injured while riding on a bus, or if you were struck by a bus while walking or cycling, your worries may be mounting as quickly as your medical bills. How will you pay for treatment of your injuries? What about your job? How will you support your family while you recover?

We at Allen & Allen understand that your life has been altered forever, and we have made it our mission to help ease your worries and restore your peace of mind.

Know Your Rights

Under Virginia law, you may have the right to recover monetary damages if you have been injured in a bus-related accident. Damages may include reimbursement or compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future medical expenses

You can help to protect yourself by contacting an attorney at Allen & Allen to discuss your situation before you speak with the insurance companies. Our experienced attorneys can help you to determine:

  • If you have rights to collect from the negligent operator’s insurance company.
  • If you are eligible to collect medical payments coverage from your own insurance company.
  • If we can help you obtain a fair settlement offer for damages through negotiation.
  • What evidence may need to be presented in order to collect financial compensation.

Many insurance companies and lawyers representing public transit systems, school systems, or private charter companies will contact you as early as the day after a crash to obtain a recorded statement about your injuries and your accident. These representatives have extensive resources at their disposal and will use them to seek any reason to deny your claim.

A recorded statement is not in your best interest when the full extent of your injuries and your financial burden have yet to be determined. You are under no legal obligation to provide such a statement, and if you do, it could be used against you during the settlement process. Instead, you should seek the help of attorneys like those at Allen & Allen who have the necessary experience and confidence when it comes to protecting clients injured in bus accidents from the insurance companies representing cities and large corporations.

Early Action is Important

Accidents involving buses should be carefully handled, and the attorneys at Allen & Allen have the specialized skills and experience to protect you from insurance companies and their resources. Those insurance companies, to protect their own best interests, will often deploy investigators to a crash site immediately in order to build an argument that the accident is not due to driver negligence.

The sooner you contact the experienced attorneys at Allen & Allen, the sooner we too can act to secure evidence before it has been lost or altered. Prompt investigation of the crash is essential to the successful outcome of a bus accident case. Swift action by our team of in-house investigators can help to ensure evidence vital to your case like witness statements, photos of skid marks, photos of impact marks, driver’s logs, alcohol and drug testing results, video footage from aboard the bus and the area surrounding the accident site, and the preservation of the bus itself so evidence is not lost to weather conditions or other interference.

Why Choose Allen & Allen?

While the circumstances behind every accident involving a bus are different, one fact is universal—the time immediately following the accident can be stressful and confusing. Choosing the right attorney is an important decision to ensure you receive the support and guidance you need.

The attorneys at Allen & Allen have more than 600 years of combined experience with accident cases, including those involving buses. Over our 100 year history, we have handled many complex and devastating accident cases with victims sustaining injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. Allen & Allen is a family firm built on the values of compassion and service, and we are committed to protecting our clients throughout their recovery. We are dedicated to the fight for their fair treatment and compensation.

No matter how minor or severe your accident may have been, an attorney can help you to navigate the intimidating field of insurance claims to make sure you are offered the settlement you deserve. You can discuss your unique situation at no cost by calling Allen & Allen today.

Start Rebuilding Your Life

You don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of a tragedy caused by someone else’s negligence. Let us help you collect the damages you deserve by holding those accountable who are responsible for your injuries or loss of a loved one. At Allen & Allen, our team of experienced lawyers and in-house investigators use their skills to collect evidence needed to build a solid case on your behalf while you focus on your recovery. Let us protect you from corporate and government insurance companies while we fight for your fair compensation—it’s what we do best.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident involving a bus, don’t wait to contact a lawyer. Don’t wait to begin rebuilding your life.

Injury Types

Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury that affects the functioning of the spine, spinal cord, skull, or brain can lead to limited cognitive functioning and mobility. Permanent disabilities as a result of a severe automobile crash can have a major impact on a victim's quality of life and financial means.


When the damage to the spinal cord is classified as a "complete" injury to the spine, nerve sensation and voluntary movement is diminished, resulting in paralysis. A victim of a car accident with this type of injury will have to deal with physical limitations for the rest of their lives, often limiting them financially as well.

Spinal Injuries

Upon impact in an auto accident, the spine and spinal cord can experience damaging compression that can lead to bone breakage or nerve damage. A spinal cord injury can lead to extensive medical and rehabilitation costs and can impact the quality of life of a victim forever.

Wrongful Death

The death of a family member due to a fatal accident caused by someone else's negligence can be emotionally and financially devastating. While families are left trying to cope with a tragedy, Allen & Allen can help you recover damages through reimbursement or compensation for the dramatic changes that will follow.

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