Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries

catastrophic injury is defined by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, including skull or spinal fractures. Such injuries are devastating and life-altering, often requiring perpetual medical care and sometimes ultimately resulting in death.

Catastrophic injuries are most commonly the result of car collisions, tractor trailer or bus accidents, industrial accidents, sports accidents, medical malpractice, or falls, but they can occur under a variety of other circumstances. The frightening range of possible injuries that qualify as catastrophic includes concussions, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.

The complications of catastrophic injuries can leave the injured and their loved ones fearful of the future. Who will pay the mounting medical bills? What type of care will the injured person require? How will you afford future medical care? What about the contributions your loved one made to the home and family?

The attorneys at Allen & Allen have helped many families successfully navigate through the difficult times that result from severe injuries like these. We’ve made it our mission to help protect our clients so they can focus on rebuilding their shattered lives.

Know Your Rights

Under Virginia law, you may have the right to recover monetary damages if you have been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another person. In addition, the Virginia Wrongful Death Act allows the deceased’s personal representative to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of the decedent’s family members. Damages may include reimbursement or compensation for:

  • Expected loss of future income.
  • Loss of services, protection, care, and assistance provided by the injured.
  • Medical expenses incurred as a result of the negligence.
  • Future medical expenses.
  • Funeral and burial expenses if the injury results in wrongful death.
  • Grief, sorrow, mental anguish, and solace.
  • Punitive damages in the event of willful or wanton conduct.

Although damages in a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case cannot heal or bring your loved one back, a successful claim can provide your family with some security as you face an uncertain future. The attorneys at Allen & Allen are committed to providing compassionate service, exactly the kind of service needed to achieve that security and stability in the wake of a catastrophic injury.

The Help of an Attorney is Essential

Catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims are often included as a part of a claim for injuries stemming from a car crash, tractor trailer crash, or medical malpractice. These types of accidents involve insurance companies who will look for any reason possible to deny your claim and shield their insured from taking financial responsibility for your condition.

An experienced attorney on your side can help to ensure that the value of your claim is accurately estimated and that full compensation is negotiated from the insurance company. An attorney with the skills and resources to best support your case will use carefully prepared evidence to counter any excuse the insurance company may try to use to deny your claim. In the event your claim goes to trial, an attorney is essential for the careful collection and preparation of documents and other material to support the successful outcome of your case.

Why Choose Allen & Allen?

While the circumstances behind every catastrophic injury are different, one fact holds true for all—the right attorney is necessary to ensure you receive the support you need.

Allen & Allen is a family firm built on compassionate service and aggressive advocacy. We are committed to protecting our clients throughout their recovery and will fight for your fair treatment and compensation.

No matter how severe your injury may be, an attorney can help you to navigate the intimidating field of insurance claims to make sure you recover the compensation you deserve. You can discuss your unique situation at no cost by calling us today.

Start Rebuilding Your Life

Don’t let someone else’s negligence cause you a lifetime of financial burden. Let Allen & Allen help you collect the compensation you deserve by holding the person who caused those injuries accountable. Our team of experienced lawyers and in-house investigators will use their skills to collect evidence and build a solid case on your behalf while you focus on what matters most—your recovery.

If you or a family member has been catastrophically injured, don’t wait to contact a lawyer. Don’t wait to begin rebuilding your life.

Injury Type


When the damage to the spinal cord is classified as a "complete" injury to the spine, nerve sensation and voluntary movement is diminished, resulting in paralysis. A victim of a car accident with this type of injury will have to deal with physical limitations for the rest of their lives, often limiting them financially as well.

Spinal Injuries

Upon impact in an auto accident, the spine and spinal cord can experience damaging compression that can lead to bone breakage or nerve damage. A spinal cord injury can lead to extensive medical and rehabilitation costs and can impact the quality of life of a victim forever.

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