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Many people enjoy spending their holidays and other recreational time on the water boating, skiing, or riding personal watercraft. However, we too often hear how a day of fun turns tragic due to the negligence or the reckless actions of another.

Without the protection of seat belts, airbags, and other safety features found in cars, boaters can sustain far more traumatic injuries if they are involved in an accident. The growing number of vehicles on the water, especially those operated by inexperienced drivers or persons under the influence of alcohol, can lead to crashes with injuries that turn your life upside-down. When such unexpected and preventable tragedies occur, it can feel as though you have more questions than answers. How will I pay my mounting medical bills? How will I support my family while I recover? What about my job? Do I need a lawyer to help me?

What Should I Do in the Event of a Boating Accident?

Under Virginia law, you may have the right to recover monetary damages if you have been injured in a boating accident through the negligence or recklessness of another person. Potential items for reimbursement or compensation area:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of property

When you find yourself injured through no fault of your own, you should first seek to protect yourself by contacting an attorney at Allen & Allen to discuss your situation. Do this before you speak with the insurance companies. Our experienced attorneys can help you to determine:

  • If you have rights to collect from the negligent operator’s insurance company.
  • If you are eligible to collect medical payments coverage from your own insurance company.
  • If we can help you obtain a fair settlement offer for damages through negotiation.
  • What evidence may need to be presented in order to collect financial compensation.

Many insurance companies and lawyers representing the other party will contact you as early as the day after a crash to obtain a recorded statement about your injuries and your accident. These statements are not in your best interest when the full extent of your injuries and your financial burden have yet to be determined. You are under no legal obligation to provide such a statement, and if you do, it could be used against you during the settlement process.

The major causes of recreational boating accidents are operator inattention, careless or reckless boat operation, excessive speed, inappropriate passenger or skier behavior, alcohol consumption, and improper lookout. These negligent acts may result in flooding, fires, or explosion. When boat operators are careless, skiers may be struck by propellers or the vessels towing them. Failure to pay proper attention can also result in injuries to swimmers and others enjoying water activities. From time to time, negligently designed boats and defective boating equipment can also cause accidents, giving rise to claims against manufacturers.

An experienced attorney is essential in helping to collect the evidence needed to build a strong claim against a negligent party. Many of the attorneys at Allen & Allen are boaters themselves. They are familiar with Virginia laws and administrative regulations as well as the U.S. Coast Guard’s Navigation Rules that govern all facets of boating and boating safety.

Why Choose Allen & Allen?

While the circumstances behind every boating accident are different, one fact holds true for all—the time immediately following the accident can be stressful and confusing. Choosing the right attorney is an important decision to ensure you receive the support you need.

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Injury Types


When the damage to the spinal cord is classified as a "complete" injury to the spine, nerve sensation and voluntary movement is diminished, resulting in paralysis. A victim of a car accident with this type of injury will have to deal with physical limitations for the rest of their lives, often limiting them financially as well.

Spinal Injuries

Upon impact in an auto accident, the spine and spinal cord can experience damaging compression that can lead to bone breakage or nerve damage. A spinal cord injury can lead to extensive medical and rehabilitation costs and can impact the quality of life of a victim forever.

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