Allen & Allen ranks in the Best Attorney category - Best Of C-ville 2011

August 19, 2011 - Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen ranks in the "Best Attorney" category for C-ville Weekly readers.C-Ville Weekly has released their annual Best Of issue featuring the "best" local services, restaurants and retail in the Valley according to a vote by their readers.

C-ville Weekly will honor the Best Of "Class of 2011" at an event Friday August 19, 2011. The party will also recognize the winners of the 2011 Allen & Allen Hometown Heroes who will be featured and introduced at the celebration. The Allen Law firm is sponsoring FREE Sober Rides Home for the Best Of C-ville party, with over 1000 expected in attendance, through Wahooptie Taxi.

For decades,…

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Choosing an Attorney for Your Truck Accident or Tractor Trailer Accident Case

Author: Attorney P. Christopher Guedri

The choice of a truck accident attorney is a serious decision that can have major implications on your case and your future. But in our modern world advertising permeates our lives, and it seems as though every firm claims you are surely doomed if you choose another to handle your case. How then, should you make an informed decision about the law firm that can best serve your interests and protect your rights? By judging each law firm you consider on four simple criteria, you can make the best decision for you.

1) Experience

When it comes to personal injury law, there is no substitute for years in the courtroom. Ideally, your lawyer will have spent decades…

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Virginia State Bar 73RD Annual Meeting: The Young Lawyer's Conference

Every year, the Virginia State Bar[1] holds its Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach in June, and attorneys from around the state gather to meet, discuss legal issues, and go to Continuing Legal Education[2] seminars.   I have attended the Annual Meeting every year since passing the bar examination and receiving my license.   The Annual Meeting features several events sponsored by the Young Lawyers Conference (YLC) which is comprised of new and young lawyers. While the YLC programs are always well-organized, this year's meeting was especially noteworthy due to the impressive number, and quality, of events the YLC hosted during the weekend. These activities included a 5K "Run In the Sun" along the boardwalk, a poolside reception at…

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Out of Your Vehicle, Out of the Vet's Office: Keeping Your Pets Healthy in the Summer

Author:  Attorney Kathleen Smith (Llewellyn-Duncan)

Most pet owners consider their cute companions to be a part of their families.  I certainly feel this way about my two big dogs, a Great Dane and a Mastiff, and for this reason I would never leave them unattended in the car while I run errands in the sweltering Virginia summer heat.  As a friendly reminder during the warm weather, and as a fellow animal lover, please remember to consider the following information if you take your furry friends in the car.

Most responsible pet owners know that an animal shouldn't be left in a car in the extreme heat; however, you might not be aware that even moderate temperatures outside can be dangerous to an…

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The High Cost of Delay in Tractor Trailer and Trucking Accident Cases

  Author: Attorney P. Christopher Guedri

Large truck accidents and tractor trailer accidents leave death and devastation in their wake, and in the midst of grief it can be very difficult to know what to do next. You may be wondering if you need an attorney to represent your interests and protect your rights. Tractor trailer accidents come with complications a cut above those associated with a normal accident, and most people find that they do in fact need an attorney to help them understand their legal position. You can rest assured that the trucking company will have experienced legal representation, and if you do not seek counsel from a truck accident lawyer you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage.


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Secondary Brain Trauma: A Silent Killer

 Author: Attorney P. Christopher Guedri

It can happen in an instant. A puddle you never saw, a ball that bounced the wrong way, or a moment of inattention behind the wheel and you are forced to deal with a serious head trauma. Few things are more frightening than hearing that a loved one has suffered this type of injury. Parents drop everything and rush to schools, spouses hurry to hospitals, and entire families wait and pray. Only to find that most of the time, the victim is alright. A little shaken up and perhaps a bit confused, but starting to feel better and ready to go home. Whew. The crisis is over, right? Wrong.

When a person experiences a head trauma the head decelerates so fast that the…

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Distracted Driving and Young Drivers

Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

Author: Courtney Allen Van Winkle, Richmond, VA Personal Injury Attorney

With summer in full swing there are plenty of young drivers on the road enjoying their new found freedom.  As the number of young drivers increases, unfortunately so does the risk of automobile accidents.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the leading causes of teen car crashes are driver inexperience, alcohol and drug use, driving in inclement weather, risky behavior such as speeding, and driver distractions in the car.

When one mentions distracted driving, texting and driving immediately comes to mind.  Under Virginia law, Code § 46.2-1078.1, it is unlawful to operate a moving motor vehicle…

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Richmond Ranks as 20th Most Dangerous City in America for Pedestrians

 Author: Attorney Courtney A. Van Winkle

Richmond residents may be pleased to learn that their city has been nationally ranked as one of the Top Ten Best Cities to Find a Job[1], a Top 25 Best City for New College Grads[2], and The Best Small City of the Future[3]. They may also be dismayed to discover that Richmond has ranked near the top of another list, as the 20th most dangerous city in America for pedestrians. [4]

Pedestrian accidents have been a major problem in America for decades, accounting for nearly 10% of all automobile-related fatalities. Since 2000, more than 47,700 pedestrians have been killed, the equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every month. In Richmond alone the death toll has…

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New Virginia Law Sets Tougher Penalties for Teens Who Drink and Drive

Author: Attorney David M. Williams, Jr.

A new Virginia law increasing the consequences for underage drinking and driving went into effect July 1, 2011.

The 2011 Virginia General Assembly unanimously passed a bill establishing a "zero tolerance" (0.02% BAC) for underage drinking and driving by making it punishable as a class 1 misdemeanor. The punishment for teens that drink and drive - teens convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) - now includes two additional severe penalties:

1.    loss of their driver's license for one year from the date of conviction, AND

2.    either a mandatory minimum fine of $500.00 or 50 hours…

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LARGER ROLE FOR SMALL COURTS: New Law Means Faster and Less Expensive Resolution of Cases Worth Less Than $25,000

In March 2011, the Virginia General Assembly passed a new law increasing the jurisdictional maximum limit for a lawsuit in General District Court from $15,000 to $25,000.[1] Effective July 1, 2011, a person with a civil claim - including  personal injury claims - may sue in a General District Court for up $25,000.  At present, only civil personal injury claims for $15,000 or less are filed in General District Court; personal injury claims seeking more than $15,000 must be filed in a Circuit Court.[2]

General District Courts do not conduct jury trials; instead, all cases are decided by a judge.  In the Circuit Court, a case may be decided by a judge, but if either side requests it, then the judge only decides what evidence…

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