Glenn from Fredericksburg

I can see from my house where I was rear-ended, that’s how close to home the accident was. A tow truck, with a car attached to it, slammed into the back of me. I was slowing down for the train tracks, as you are supposed to exercise caution by the railroad. That’s when I was hit. And the weight of that truck with the car attached pushed me past the railroad tracks and onto the other side.

It was painful, as I’ve already had 5 spinal surgeries. The soft tissue damage caused a lot of pain, and my car was inoperable. It turns out the guy had no insurance. I tried to do a little research on the tow company, and it was frustrating. That’s when I knew I needed to call a lawyer.

I was stunned by Emily. I used to be a bail bondsman, and I was used to working with lawyers. Sometimes I had to lead these lawyers. But not with Emily – she would lead me! I went to her office, she greeted me with a hug, and then she was like a bulldozer to the details of my case! I mean she powered right through this thing. I got to let go of everything and trust her to handle it, which she did. I get emotional just thinking about it. She was just unbelievable.