Wayne from Fredericksburg

I was working with a mailing and shipping company, and I had hurt my back lifting packages that were too heavy. I had herniated discs in my lower lumbar region, and it caused so much nerve pain, it went down my back, and all the way to my ankle. It has affected both my legs, actually.

I was in physical therapy for two months, and while they did recommend surgery, I wanted to check out the other alternatives first. I’ve been in chiropractic care for 6-7 months, which has helped. My workers’ comp benefits were approved by my company, but the payments would come late, they would be dragging their feet about scheduling appointments – it was a mess. I was getting impatient, so I reached out to Jennifer.

Jennifer and Kelly were responsive from day one. I’m not the most patient person in the world, but I never had to worry with Jennifer. No matter what the issue was, she would always call back within 24 hours, and it was usually right away. She dealt with the difficult people associated with my employer, and was always open and honest about my options. She never pressured me to make certain decisions. I always felt like I was in control.

I was extremely impressed with her and her demeanor. I know she had other clients, but she made me feel like I was the only client she had.