Tradene from Newport News

After my accident, I pondered what I should do. I remembered seeing my friend on a TV commercial, so after talking it over with my husband we decided to contact him. Even though we had lost touch over the years, attorney Derrick Walker and I had grown up like family, so I knew I could trust him. My experience with Allen & Allen was no different – I was treated as part of the team, and I felt like family.

Derrick reassured me that he and his team would lead me through the process. I felt like he was truly working for me. I don’t like to waste my money – I go where there is great customer service, and Derrick and his assistant gave me great customer service. I never felt alone during my case.  At the time of my accident, I was living in Newport News. Derrick said he would come see me there so that I wouldn’t have to drive to Richmond. Both Derrick and his team made the distance easy.

My team kept me notified on the active status of my case and gave me the pros and cons in order to have a clear and concise understanding of how the case was progressing. The little things, such as emails and phone calls just to ask how I was doing, reassured me along the way.  The accident may have changed my life but my experience with Derrick Walker and his team made it much more bearable.  I would recommend Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen, attorney Derrick Walker and his team to anyone in need of great representation.