Sylvia from Richmond

I lost my husband due to a pulmonary embolism. He was seen by a doctor just hours earlier, and the signs were all there. But the doctor dismissed him – he looked at all the tests and didn’t see the signs. He sent us home, and just a few hours later, by husband was gone.

Hands down, the people at Allen & Allen are the most qualified, caring, magnificent people. The amount of care, detail, and attention gives you such peace of mind. I was treated this way from my very first phone call.

When this all started, I was unsure of whether I would be heard. There’s a story here, but would anybody understand? Derrick gave me confidence, which I needed. You don’t change things overnight in these cases. I kept calling back, worried I was forgetting something. Paula the legal assistant was always patient and kind – she always got back to me when I needed her. She made me feel very secure.

Kari was great too. She and Derrick worked well hand-in-hand – it was real teamwork. I mean it when I say I love them – I love the whole team. It was an honor, and I feel blessed.