Mark from Missouri

It was all like a bad dream. I was driving a truck full of John Deere lawnmowers through Virginia. I only had 30 minutes left on the clock, then I could call it a day. I never had a chance to do that.

Another truck was heading south on 81, and lost its way. I tried to get out of the way, but there was nowhere to go. First it hit the SUV in front of me, then I was hit.

The accident tore the left side of my face down, and I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I broke my left hand. I fractured my nose in multiple places and the vision in my left eye has been permanently compromised. If I look at a stop sign at night, I see double and it feels like my retina is burning. I don’t remember everything that happened, but I remember a man coming to my window and seeing no movement. He thought I was dead. It was a horrifying scene.

I don’t think you could find a lawyer better than Derrick. At the time, I didn’t know what to do. My wife was calling around, looking for attorneys in Virginia that really understand trucking cases. An attorney named Mike Campbell said he was best in the business. I keep using the word “angel” to describe him and the Allen Law Firm, and it’s true – Derrick was my guiding light.  He was caring and kind, but also straight to the point like a bulldog.

I never had to doubt anything in the process. Derrick and his team at The Allen Law Firm were like a ray of sunshine.