Skyla from Fredericksburg

I was rear-ended so badly, that the driver behind me totaled his car. To make matters worse, this accident took place on the same day I was offered my dream job. My last day with my previous employer ended just the day before, and I was looking forward to new beginnings.

At first, I didn’t feel any pain because I was in such shock. Then a couple of days later, I began to feel the effects of my concussion and whiplash. My injury left me unable to work, and the company that had offered me my dream job rescinded their offer. Now I had no income and medical bills – my attorney described it as a perfect storm!

State Farm made no offer to help, so a trial was necessary. I turned to David Sturm at Allen & Allen, and he helped me put all these broken pieces together to prepare for trial. It was traumatizing the relive the experience in such detail, but he was transparent and kind. I never felt for one second that he wasn’t fighting to the fullest for me. Trish was so responsive too, and she fought for me. She had to do a lot for me.

I was so happy with Allen & Allen, I sent a gift basket to David and his legal team. It’s a shame State Farm didn’t offer me even a small settlement, because honestly, I would have taken it. Because I went to Allen & Allen, insurance is helping me a lot more!