Amanda from Delaware

I was at an intersection about to make a left turn when I was t-boned in the middle of the street. A woman blew right past the red light and slammed into me.

I couldn’t move my left leg, I had bursitis in my pelvic area, and a concussion. I needed to use a walker just to get around, and even though I went to rehab, I needed three rounds of physical therapy. I still have back pain, and the doctor said that my injuries will likely develop into arthritis. I can already feel it, especially when it’s cold outside or on a rainy day.

After the accident, I was hurt but still afraid to talk to anyone. I was told not to talk. But I didn’t know what else to do, because I needed help. David Sturm put my mind at ease. He held my hand through the entire process. I had to do multiple depositions, and he helped to prep me for them. And I needed it! My anxiety was built up, especially when we had to do a pre-trial with a judge. He eased my mind through all of it. Kimberly helped a lot too. They are awesome.

David Sturm fought hard for me. We ended up not even having to go to trial because the defendant’s insurance company decided to settle. I was over the moon, and so satisfied by the result. Knock on wood, I won’t ever need to hire a personal injury attorney again. But If I do, David Sturm will be my first call.