Greg from Stafford

I was at a neighbor’s house hanging out, and they had a Great Dane in the room. When I leaned over to tie my shoe, the dog leapt at me. He started biting my face, and it was really bad. I had a one-inch hole on the side of my mouth and I needed stitches. It was so painful.

It’s one thing to hire a lawyer and work with them, but Dave became a friend. We had to do a deposition, and I was scared. So David prepped me for it, for nine hours! He’s the real deal. I was ready. When he was in the deposition with the defendants, he asked questions for four to five hours! And I remember when we went into the room with the defense lawyer, they said something to the effect of, “We’re going to find out the truth.” Guess how long I was in there? Only thirty minutes!

If I could, I would hire Dave for all my lawyer needs. He’s talented, structured, and his energy is off the charts – but he knows when to hold back. He knows what he’s doing.