Sandra from Mineral, Virginia

After our automobile accident, we decided to contact Allen & Allen. It’s a well-known firm and I had heard their name for many years. We live out of town, and Courtney Van Winkle was happy to come to us for our first meeting. I thought that was very nice.

Courtney explained the procedure to us and walked us through the process of the case. We felt comfortable with everything we were told. It took a load off our minds to have someone who was familiar with the process. We had never gone through this before.

Courtney and her assistant, Nicole, kept in contact with us to see how things were going and to let us know how our case was progressing. They always explained how the process was proceeding and what the timeline would be if we had to go to court. We ended up closing before that.

They were very helpful and made me feel very comfortable with my case. I would definitely refer someone to them.