Shelley from Short Pump

My fiancé and I were hit by a speeding driver as we were exiting a parking lot. The impact turned our car around.

The paramedics came and inspected me, and told me I needed to go to the hospital. I was told I had a concussion, and needed speech, vision, and concussion therapy. I had trouble forming sentences, finding the right words, and my left eye even started wandering after the accident. Therapy lasted for a year!

Allen & Allen was great. I knew Courtney’s schedule and would call her crying out of frustration. She allowed me to vent and express what I was going through. I even called her on weekends. She always reassured me that everything would be okay. She was right.

From the first experience of walking through the doors and being greeted by Michelle, to being helped by Susan and Courtney, Allen & Allen always felt like a safe space. They took good care of me. I would recommend Courtney to anyone who needed help. In fact, I just referred my sister!