Car crash – $180,000

Location: Stafford County, Virginia
Verdict: $180,000

The plaintiff was driving in Stafford County when she was struck head-on by a negligent driver.

She suffered from a fractured sternum, injuries to the neck and shoulder, and developed PTSD/anxiety, due to the trauma of the collision. There was no offer to resolve the case, as State Farm failed to answer the lawsuit.  This left the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage carrier (Geico) to defend. The plaintiff partnered with attorneys David Williams and Wil Van Winkle at Allen & Allen. Mallory DuQuette worked on pre-litigation and Cynthia Wheeler assisted in litigation.

The plaintiff did have a prior history of neck pain, and her treatment consisted almost entirely of chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and counseling for ongoing PTSD/anxiety.

The defense took an aggressive approach, sharply questioning the plaintiff’s credibility.  The defense was also critical of the plaintiff’s hired independent medical evaluation, as her primary care physician was no longer practicing. Our client handled the hostility with grace. The jury saw through the defense’s tactics, returning a verdict of $180,000 on $37,794.60 in medical costs.