Motorcycle crash: $1,500,000

Location: Lynchburg, VA
Injuries: Catastrophic Injuries
Settlement: $1,500,000

In March of 2022, the plaintiff, a 42-year-old web developer for a media group, was riding his motorcycle in Lynchburg, Virginia. The defendant, driving an SUV, failed to yield the right of way and made a left turn in front of the plaintiff’s motorcycle, causing the collision.

The plaintiff was ejected from his motorcycle and lost consciousness. Due to the nature of this incident, his injuries were extensive. Some of the most significant injuries included fractures to his pelvis, tibial plateau, thoracic/lumber spine, ankle, and foot. He also endured a pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, an ACL rupture, and a scrotal edema.

The plaintiff was transported to a local hospital, but because of his condition, he had to be transferred to the hospital at the University of Virginia via a medical flight. He remained at the hospital for approximately three weeks,  where he underwent multiple surgeries. After the hospital stay, he was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, where he spent another month recuperating. In all, he received active follow-up treatment for over a year, concluding in April of 2023.

The plaintiff retained the services of David M. Williams of Allen & Allen, and the case was settled for $1,500,000.