Phyllis from Richmond

After my car accident, my cousin recommended I call Chris Toepp. My cousin had observed Chris in court and was very impressed.  Chris met me for the first time while I was still in the hospital, and from that first moment, it was a wonderful experience.  Chris and his assistant, Betsy, really took the time to sit and talk with me. They helped keep me calm. They made me feel like I was their only client.

At the beginning of my case, it looked like there was not going to be a settlement. Chris did not accept that and worked hard to get me a fair outcome. I am disabled and this settlement means I can now live comfortably. Chris spent time working for me because he cared about me.

If someone needs help and wants a lawyer who will actually care about them, that person should go to Allen & Allen. They are the kindest people I have ever met, and I would recommend them without a doubt. I give them 5 stars but would give more if I could.