Jeff and Linda from Kingston, Ontario

My wife and I were stopped at a red light, and we were rammed in the back by another car. My wife suffered back bruises, but my injuries were much more complicated.

I suffered from whiplash, which caused trauma to my frontal lobe. In fact, a few days after the accident, I had to go to my doctor and tell them I became blind in my right eye. It was a fast-acting cataract that was associated with my brain injury, and I needed to have surgery to correct it. Also, a shoulder blade bone was struck, and the nerve pain went down my spine. There was physical therapy, surgery – even 108 Lidocaine injections!

But Chris Toepp was absolutely brilliant. Sometimes it felt like he had to babysit me, because I got so frustrated with the process. He and Kendall were fantastic. There are simply not enough words to describe the professionalism, level of knowledge, and the time taken to ensure we understood every step of the process. When we listened to him at meditation we knew that he completely understood our medical issues, and presented them very skillfully.

He has our eternal thanks.