Lisa from Charlottesville

I worked in a building where the tenants right above us did some illegal plumbing to create a coffee station. Ironically, it was an insurance company. It caused water to drip down from the ceiling and flood our office. I had to work on an active construction site and slipped on a glaze that was under the pulled-up carpets.

It was a bad fall. It happened years ago and I am still in pain. I hit my head, shoulder, and hip. I had a torn rotator cuff and damaged my back, which already had screws in it. I have balance issues. I love to swim, but now I can’t dive, or swim in the ocean with my husband like I used to. I’m not sure that I could make it back. I can’t play volleyball, and couldn’t even pick up my two grandchildren while they were babies. I was in physical therapy for two years, and am now doing massage therapy.

The pain was constant, and I felt like it was ruining my life. I called around to different personal injury firms, but they all said they couldn’t do anything since the insurance company was already paying me. It wasn’t enough, though. Jennifer was the first person who could go above and beyond for me.

Because of her help, I was able to cover more expenses. She was kind and knowledgeable, and her assistant Kelly Torres-Gonzales was such a wonderful help through the whole case. Allen & Allen was the only firm that was able to help me, and Jennifer was wonderful. She gave me hope.