Twyla from Henrico, VA

When you’re the face of a company, you have to uphold the standards of customer service. Jason Konvicka and his team did that for me. My father is a truck driver and had hired an attorney after his accident. When I had my accident, I asked my father to guide me. I was referred to Allen & Allen and Jason Konvicka handled my case. Jason and his assistant, Donna, were very thorough and detailed. They kept me informed on everything. I asked what seemed to be a million and one questions, and they were always available to answer, which I greatly appreciated. Not even eight hours would go by without someone getting back to me. They were always willing to share information.

Jason and Donna made me feel as if I was a priority to them. It was a good feeling knowing they were “for” me and had my best interests at heart. Jason and Donna made me feel as if they were not working for anyone else, just me. I really feel like they did their job and more. I would absolutely refer others to Jason Konvicka.