Rebecca from Richmond

I was riding my bike on the shoulder of Gaskins Road when I was hit by a driver experiencing a medical emergency. He veered off the driving lane and into the shoulder where I was, hitting me with the right side of his car.

I don’t really remember the incident. I know that I landed on my back, fracturing the thickest part of my skull. I was in the ICU for six days, and the injury required me to get speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. My medical bills totaled $250,000. I needed help, because the driver’s insurance company was trying to get out of paying for it. They blamed his medical emergency.

My uncle had wonderful things to say about Allen & Allen. And my first week out of the hospital, I spoke with an Uber driver. Like me, he had a bicycle accident and Allen & Allen helped him. Close friends and total strangers were recommending the same firm, so I reached out.

Jason took such great care of me. You should have seen him in the deposition. I was unconscious during the accident, but he found a way to lock in an eyewitness from the scene, and get a recording of the 911 calls. The defendant may have been experiencing a medical emergency, but based on the details we know now, he should not have been driving in the first place and Jason was able to make that point.

Being in an accident like this takes a toll on your emotional and mental health. Sometimes I would feel anxious or confused and I would call the firm about my case. They were so patient, and always talked me through it. His paralegal Donna took great care of me. She was able to calculate in advance what my recovery would be, and jumped through hoops just to get me my check faster. I am so grateful to them. They think of things I never would have thought of – they were always one step ahead. Allen & Allen really knows what they are doing!