Allen from Richmond

I’ve been a trash collector for 30 years. The crash occurred while I was standing outside my truck on the shoulder of the road. An approaching dump truck lost control, ran off the road and hit me.

I had a shattered hip, pelvis, and knee and lots of internal organ damage. I’ve already had seven surgeries and am still going through rehab. My medical bills went up to $3 million.

I can tell you that when Jason took the dump truck driver’s deposition, he came prepared. He had a stack of papers two inches thick! It’s very obvious he cares about his clients, and what he does. Big time. Donna was his paralegal, and she was great too.

Jason collaborated with Jennifer Capocelli on the workers’ compensation side of the case. They were such a fantastic team. They collaborated on everything. They were just awesome. If anything ever happens to me again, or someone else, I would recommend Allen & Allen in a heartbeat. Everything you hear is true. They are the best.