I was in an accident in October 2017. I’m a mentor and I was on the way to a school to see to see one of my mentees. A young lady ran a stop sign right in front of me. Police and paramedics came to the scene of the accident, and I went to the hospital because I had hurt my head, knee, and back. I went to see my family doctor a few days later.

My doctor had a lot of good things to say about Allen & Allen, and he recommended I call them. A few days later I contacted Courtney Van Winkle.

This was not my first time working with Courtney. My wife had been involved in a serious accident about 10 years ago and we were quite pleased with the service and camaraderie she provided at that time. It is a wonderful thing when you can talk to someone and feel so much at ease.

It is truly an honor to work with Courtney. Sometimes when you deal with a lawyer you feel on edge, but she doesn’t come across that way. She is very personable and transparent. Everything was laid out plainly and all our questions were answered up front. Courtney also went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well-versed before going into depositions. It was a partnership. I have the utmost respect and confidence for Courtney and I knew she would make the best decisions on our behalf. Everything panned out just as she said. We felt she worked really hard for us. We are definitely going to seek out Courtney and the Allen & Allen firm if we have the need again.