Thomas and Cynthia from Fredericksburg

We were hit in a head-on collision by a new teenage driver, and the fallout was bad. We had too many injuries to name, but the major injuries that come to mind were my husband’s traumatic brain injury and my shattered ankle.

My ankle was so badly shattered, that they considered amputation. And my husband was in such a condition that they brought the chaplain to the hospital to see him. I required two surgeries, rehab, and now I have arthritis in the ankle. My husband’s traumatic brain injury unfortunately has permanent side effects.

We were not doing well, and our children were insistent that we call an attorney. To be honest, we had no faith in lawyers. We didn’t want to make the call, so our children got the process started. My husband even told Chris when he met him that he had no faith in lawyers. But boy, did we have a change of heart.

Chris is wonderful. Every time someone we know brings up anything law-related, we sing Chris’s praises! Even if it’s for something not related to personal injury, like wills, which isn’t even his area of law!  I will always tell people what a wonderful job he did, and how hard he worked for us. There are honestly no words to describe the ease and comfort he brought to our lives.

He may have started out as our lawyer, but now, we consider him a friend.