Shocking Volkswagen Commercial Puts Viewers Behind the Wheel of a Distracted Driver

Car commercials are nothing out of the ordinary when going to the movies, and so a recent group of patrons at a movie theater in Hong Kong had no reason to suspect such a scare when the lights dimmed and the newest Volkswagen commercial began to play.

Many campaigns against distracted driving have used shock value to prove their point, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s commercial that was aired during Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April. But Volkswagen’s new commercial drives home the perils of distracted driving in a way that exceeds anything else – it puts every viewer right into the driver’s seat, cell phone in hand.

Watch as this Hong Kong audience receives quite a lesson after the Volkswagen commercial begins. This clever use of a location-based broadcaster to send mass text messages is extremely effective in personalizing the danger of distracted driving.

About the Author: Jamie Kessel is a personal injury lawyer with the law firm of Allen & Allen. He is experienced in handling complex injury cases including distracted driving accidents, daycare injury, brain injury and wrongful death. Jamie primarily works out of the Richmond and Short Pump offices.