Shirley and Flo from Fredericksburg

Testimonial from Shirley:

The accident I was in gave me a sprained neck and a concussion. I am better but am still taking it day by day. That’s what Mr. Van Winkle told me to do – take it day by day. He always gave me good advice. Before we went into trial, he told me I didn’t need to be coached. I just needed to go in there, be myself, and tell the truth. I did, and they listened.

Mr. Van Winkle and his legal assistants, they were all so nice. They took the time to explain things that I didn’t understand. I would recommend him to anyone who’s been injured.


Testimonial from Flo:

My mom was in a car accident. She was sitting at a red light when someone came out of the parking lot and hit her. The car was damaged and she had a neck sprain.

She was in a lot of pain and had to undergo rehabilitation for a few weeks. The other insurance company tried to get away with paying us well below what our medical bills were, so we reached out to Allen & Allen.

Wil Van Winkle took this case to trial. He was so knowledgeable and had a good disposition. He made sure that the defendant’s insurance company took care of us. I’d recommend Mr. Wil to anyone – he’s a wonderful person.