Marty from Fredericksburg | Allen and Allen

Marty from Fredericksburg

We reached out to Allen & Allen after my dad was in an auto accident. Due to the seriousness of his injuries, we felt that he would incur high medical bills and wanted to get him some legal representation. The Allen name is one we’d heard often, and another lawyer we know in a different field also recommended Allen & Allen to us. We wanted someone who could advocate for my dad and protect his rights.

Our case was assigned to attorney Wil Van Winkle. He was not only extremely informative from the beginning, but also very patient and made sure to explain and clarify the process at every step. There is a lot of terminology we did not understand, and Wil explained all of it to us. He made sure to delve into the mindset and planning behind the different approaches he could take and the legal reasoning behind his actions. We appreciated the manner in which he spoke to us; he was very patient with all our questions.

Importantly, he was very kind, not only to me but also to my father, and was very passionate about fighting for him. We weren’t just a name on a piece of paper.

This process can be stressful, intimidating, and scary, but Wil was wonderful. He advocated for my father against two huge insurance companies. What we walked away with is impressive. Wil handled the case to get us the best result, and my dad was able to walk away with more than we would have gotten on our own.