Ruthie from Fredericksburg

I was in an automobile accident where I was rear-endedI originally called Allen & Allen because the location was convenient – I work right by their office in Fredericksburg. I wanted to start developing a relationship with someone I could trust

I first called and spoke with someone over the phone. They asked for details about what happened in the accident and then I got a call back within 24 hours to set up my first appointment with Emily Smith. We went through the entire accident scenario together. Emily looked at my file and talked to me about costs, the process, and what would happen if she were to take my case on. She said she felt like we had a pretty strong case. I was relieved because I had never had any association with an attorney. I was nervous because we were approaching the end of when I could file the case. I wasn’t sure anyone would look at it and I was pleased she said she could keep it open.  

fender bender

I felt good about the process. After my meeting with Emily, I went online to read reviews and more about the firm. I liked that they said, “aggressive with a side of compassion.” Emily demonstrated this very well. I liked that she was always in communication with me. I’m in a business where communication is key and Emily was great. She wasn’t just working her job from 9-5. I would send an email after hours and she would respond quickly. If she couldn’t answer in an email, she would call me first thing the next morning.  

Whenever we spoke about the case, she explained everything very thoroughly to me. I was nervous before my deposition, and Emily helped me relieve my stress. She set a meeting prior so we could prepare and walk through the steps. It put me at ease. I beat myself up after the deposition, telling myself I could have done better, but Emily gave me lots of praise, telling me I had done a good job. It put me at ease after the deposition.  

The insurance companies made an offer which Emily relayed to me and neither of us thought it was fair with all I had paid my medical providers and the fact I was still going through treatment. This is where I think the aggressive part came in, because Emily went back and forth and countered with both companies. In the end, we came to an agreement we both thought was fair.  

I will recommend Allen & Allen if I know someone who needs their services. I would definitely recommend Emily. I felt really good about the entire process. Reaching out to an attorney, especially if you’ve never gone through it, can be daunting, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.