Keisha from Fredericksburg

I was on my way to pick up my toddler, and was stopped at a red light. I had my 12-year-old in the front seat, and thank goodness, because someone came up and slammed into me from behind, pushing us off the road.

I’m glad my toddler wasn’t in the car yet, but my 12-year-old was hurt. He hit his head pretty hard – he had headaches and back pain. He went to physical therapy. As for me, I was hurt everywhere. I had a brain injury because of whiplash, shoulder pain, back pain, and the headaches were terrible.

Let me tell you, I don’t trust everyone, but I immediately trusted Emily. She offered to meet with me several times, but I didn’t even feel I needed to. I trusted her. The communication was on point, she gave me the pros and cons, and she answered all of my questions. In fact, I didn’t even meet her until the day I picked up my check!

I had gone into an online mom chat after my accident, and someone in the area highly recommended her. I’m so glad I followed that advice! Emily is a sweetheart but also knows how to do the job. She made me so comfortable. The experience was amazing.