If you want a law firm that cares about their clients and will use all of their resources to assist you, Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen is there to help. I have seen many TV commercials and thought the Allen Law Firm’s to be the best.  However, when I needed an attorney, Allen & Allen was recommended. In my opinion, that was confirmation.

Ms. Van Winkle and her team were exceptional. They fought for me and stuck with me, encouraging me every step of the way. During this time, I experienced a family tragedy and they were very understanding and supportive. They were caring and patient, yet professional. They recognized my needs and ensured they were addressed.

I will be forever grateful to them. I would most definitely recommend Ms. Van Winkle. I believe I would not have had the favorable outcome that I did without Ms. Van Winkle and her team. They gave me information that helped me make informed decisions when necessary. They were there when I needed them. Because of Ms. Van Winkle, I will not have to worry about finances due to my inability to work.