Rom from Richmond, VA

I had heard about Allen & Allen on TV for a long time. One of your employees goes to my church so I called her after my accident and she referred me.

I was very impressed with Courtney and Scott. I was very nervous. Courtney calmed my fears and helped me through it – before and during the deposition and trial. Along the way and especially during the trial they were extremely professional and used sound judgment. Their expertise showed in the advice they gave me and how they helped me prepare for the trial. I deferred to them and relied on them when decisions had to be made, and it gave me a very favorable result at the end. Their thought processes and the way they arrived at decisions demonstrated their experience and knowledge of applicable laws and court procedures. I was extremely impressed with the calm yet firm manner in which Courtney presented the opening and closing statements as well as the counter arguments to motions by the defense. She is an excellent lawyer.

Courtney and Scott kept me apprised of what was going on during the trial and it helped to ease my nerves. Scott’s calm demeanor is worth noting for a young lawyer, who I understand is a fourth generation of the Allens to join the firm.  Their collaboration during the trial was remarkable.

Everyone, from the first time I came into to the Short Pump office and talked to Ms. Reynolds about how the accident happened, was tremendously helpful and gave me advice and pointers along the way. I’m more than 100% happy with the excellent work done by Courtney and her staff. I’m grateful for the outstanding input during the trial from Courtney’s legal assistant as well. It was an outstanding teamwork.

They even sent me baskets of fruit after my surgeries. It was a nice personal touch and very thoughtful. No questions asked – I would definitely refer someone to them.