Diana from Leesburg

November 26, 2019 began a trajectory for our lives that we never could have imagined. When an accident like this happens, we family members are just barely keeping our heads above water. We take it one day at a time, and sometimes, one moment at a time. Trying to find an attorney who could represent us when we had little time or energy to do so, (and no prior experience) would have been an overwhelming task.

Jason’s expertise, as exemplified by the firm’s website, and a reference from a local judge gave us the confidence we needed to pursue the wrongful death lawsuit. There was never a time during the past 2+ years that we regretted our choice to have Jason take our case.

His expertise, honest communication, superior knowledge and judgment kept us hopeful. The settlement was generous and a tribute to his exceptional negotiating skills. I am truly indebted to Jason and am very grateful for getting to know and work with him.

We will proudly recommend Jason at Allen & Allen to anyone who needs the services that they offer.  Thank you Jason, for going the extra mile for us for these past two years.