Peggy from Stafford, VA

I was in a bad auto accident that left me severely injured.  Prior to my accident we were familiar with Allen & Allen because we drove by the office frequently. When my daughter realized how badly I was injured she called the office.

As soon as we hired Mr. Williams, I instantly felt at peace. The Lord saw me through my recovery and Mr. Williams saw me through everything else. It was such a relief to me and my family when David and his team took over. The insurance company had been calling and was trying to minimize what happened to me. They said it was “just an accident.” I believe the person who hit me had no intention of injuring anyone – but the accident left a huge void in my life and Allen & Allen helped fix that.

My experience was outstanding. David is an excellent lawyer. He and his legal assistant Cyndi handled everything – if it needed to be handled, they just did it! They took care of the phone calls and all of the paper work. Dealing with the insurance company and Medicare is such a convoluted process. We needed someone who had done it before and knew what to do – David and Cyndi took care of it all which took a huge burden off me and my family.  We were so glad they stepped in and took over when they did. I’m very thankful for everything David did for me. I am in a much better place for it.