Edward from Lake of the Woods

My family and I were T-boned by someone who ran a red light, and the accident was so bad, I had to be resuscitated.

My daughter had a bruised back. My wife had a cracked pelvis, fractured ribs, and blood clots in her lungs. I had a broken collarbone, fractured ribs, collapsed lung, a smashed left hand, and blood clots in my leg. I always wonder what happens to people when they wear glasses and an airbag goes off. Because for me, broken glass penetrated the skin near my eye, but the EMTs couldn’t take it out. They had to wait until I got to the hospital.

Allen & Allen word wall

When I think of Allen & Allen, I think of the word wall that I see when I go into the office. All the words that were used to describe Allen & Allen are the exact same words I would use. David and Mary Taylor were wonderful. They were both helpful, courteous, and easy to work with.

David was a great listener, and the whole family really feels that he and his team went out of their way to make sure we were all taken care of.