Marquita from Montross

After my accident, I was left totally not knowing where to turn. I was frustrated because in a matter of seconds my life had changed. I wasn’t able to do the things I was able to do before my accident, like play with my grandchildren and comb my hair. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with a lawyer on top of that.

But my experience with Emily Smith and Allen & Allen was not that way at all. She saved my life.  

From day one, Emily was all in, focused on helping me. She made phone calls to me every step of the way, even on the weekends, to the point I was worried that she wasn’t able to live her own life! She was able to tell from my tone of voice if I was in pain. She kept encouraging me to keep going. We ended up getting so close, having a bond like we were family. 

I am where I am today because of Emily Smith. She listened to me. Prayed with me. Watched me cry. But she never once complained. At the end, we were like family, which was such a change from the rough spot I was in at the beginning of my case.

I will never lose touch with Emily; she will always be a part of my life. She is an asset to Allen & Allen in every way.