Margaret from Glen Allen, VA

While I was in the hospital recovering from multiple surgeries, my husband and I began discussing if we needed a lawyer. Things were scary for us – my injuries were so severe. A close friend of ours recommended Courtney, so my husband called her. She came to the hospital on a Sunday evening to visit me. From the start, she was excellent. I had so many questions, so many concerns and she walked in and immediately eased my mind. Courtney was extremely helpful and relieved me of the burden of worry. She said to me, “Your job is to get better. Let me take care of the rest.” And, I did.

I felt there was such balance in the communication process throughout my case. I knew I could reach Courtney or her assistant, Kim, if I had questions or wanted an update, but they weren’t constantly asking me for information or burdening me with calls and requests. I had Courtney’s cell phone number and I could call or text her anytime, which was reassuring.

Courtney did everything she could for me. I give her rave reviews – she was outstanding, excellent. I am extremely grateful.