Joseph from Louisa, VA

I work near the Allen Law Firm and have seen their building several times. I also listen to AM radio and have heard their commercials as well as seen them on television. From the moment that I walked into their office, I had a peace and feeling that they had my best interest at heart.

Mr. Allen treated me with kindness and integrity. They always called on me and asked me how I was feeling physically. Mr. Allen explained the whole process to me and kept me informed as the case continued throughout multiple years. His legal assistant, Chrissy called me regularly once or twice a month. I felt as if I was the most important case they had and saw the time and effort they placed on my case as they did all the work behind the scenes. Having their support and expertise on my side was a great reassurance in the midst of a life changing injury.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Mr. Allen explained not only my side of the case but also the other side. He spent hours with me explaining “our” case. He and Chrissy made me feel like I was a part of the team. They always asked if I was comfortable with the case or if I had any questions. Mr. Allen even had an outside mediation to try and settle my case out of court but was still preparing me and our case to go to trial. My case settled the day before court but, Mr. Allen never counted on settling. Charles Allen fought and prepared to go to court. The time, preparation, and resources that they put into my case were amazing. I believe that I had the finest legal counsel available to anyone.

The Allen Law Firm was second to none. From the first moment we met I knew I had a lawyer and a team behind me that believed in honesty, character and integrity as much as I do. I never thought I would need a personal injury lawyer, but I feel that I had the finest lawyer possible for my case. I have already recommended the Allen Law Firm several times to friends and family. I will be eternally grateful and thankful for the representation, council and friendship I received from the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen.