Ray from Glen Allen, VA

A family member of mine who is a police officer referred me to Allen & Allen after my accident.

When I first met Charles Allen, I felt comfortable with him. He was deliberate, yet low key. Charles was very nice and informative throughout the three years that he represented me. The experience was also more personal than I had expected, Charles almost seemed as if he were an older brother. He was very competent and he valued my opinion, I trusted him with everything.

It was an ordeal and a lot of initial stress that came with it, but Charles worked on my behalf and took all of the weight off of my shoulders. He just had a nice, pleasing personality and it made me feel at ease.

I had a gut feeling that “these people will look out for me.” At no time was I ever anxious. I would refer other people to Charles, because he is a seasoned attorney and that helped a lot with my comfort level.