Jessica from Richmond, VA

Working with Chris was excellent. Everything went so smoothly. Every time I sent an email, I got a response. I was not familiar with the process at all before I was injured. Chris explained it step by step and, on occasion, re-explained it to me. I appreciated his patience as we worked together to get my case resolved.

As a lay person I found that the insurance company tried to give me the run around. They called me less than 24 hours after my accident and then tried to send me a quick settlement check before I had even seen a doctor. When I talked to them I felt like I had to listen to the fine print throughout the conversation. When I asked a question they would change the topic or not answer it. Once Chris got involved all that stopped. I never spoke to the other side again. It was comforting to have a true advocate walk me through the process.

I would absolutely refer other people to Chris. He provided an all around wonderful, professional and efficient experience for me.