Jeny from Richmond

I was driving on a main road and going about 45 miles per hour, when a young driver sped out from a side road and crashed into me.  The collision was so bad that my car was totaled, and I couldn’t shut my car off. The buttons didn’t work. I was trapped inside.

Witnesses called 911 and an ambulance came. I had inflammation in my neck and severe back pain. My hand was hurt by the airbag. I did rehab for two months afterward, but I could not get rid of the pain. I even tried acupuncture for eight to nine months. To make it worse, I’m a real estate agent and need to be mobile, but I was too stressed to drive. It cost me jobs.

One of my friends recommended Allen & Allen, and I’m really thankful Brad took my case. He made sure the other driver’s insurance company took care of my medical bills. He explained the whole process to me because I did not have a clue. He was prompt and guided me through a lot.

Anyone who has been hurt should definitely call Allen & Allen for help. Allen & Allen is like a friend, and Brad was a blessing.