Giving Tuesday: Local charities that make a difference

There are lots of holiday events centered around shopping; Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. But now, the focus shifts from retail, to charity. Today is Giving Tuesday, and in celebration of some incredible Hometown Heroes we’ve honored over the years, we’ve listed some non-profits that they are aligned with.

If you plan to give back to your community this holiday season, here are some timely and worthwhile organizations, below.

celebrate! RVA

Celebrate! RVA

At a time when everyone is decking the halls and celebrating, it must be acknowledged that not everyone has the means to do so. This includes children, and Celebrate! RVAs founder, Julia Warren wants to ensure that disadvantaged children can still feel celebrated on their birthdays. Partnering with local organizations, she creates birthday parties for kids in need.

car keys and whiskey and a sign that says stop


‘Tis the season, and the eggnog will be flowing. Unfortunately, not everyone will acknowledge when it’s time to surrender the car keys. This can spell disaster for multiple families. Allen & Allen has always been a supporter for Mothers Against Drunk Driving – even participating in 5K walks. You can donate to this organization to spread awareness, promote safety and keep the roads safe this holiday season.

homeless man

Journey House

Baby it’s cold outside, and seeing as how substance abuse is the single largest cause for homelessness (68%) – the problem needs to be tackled holistically. It’s one thing to give someone a bed to sleep in on a cold night; it’s quite another to help steer them into recovery. Journey House founder Michael Tillem provides an array of resources, from housing to transportation services, not to mention counseling and health care support.

butterflies 4 smiles

Butterflies 4 Smiles

The nursing home and assisted living communities suffered twofold during this global pandemic. Not only did the virus run rampant through their living quarters during the crisis, but the resulting lockdown left them feeling isolated. Though a greater understanding of the virus has led to vaccination and best practices, many of these residents feel lonely on the holidays, away from their families. This organization works with children to craft colorful butterflies, which brings recognition and holiday cheer to residents living in these facilities.

Whatever organization you decide to make a donation to, thank you for helping to make this season what it’s truly about: giving. Happy holidays!