Faulty Triggers in Remington Rifles and Firearms Linked to Injuries and Fatalities

As part of a proposed national class action settlement, Remington Arms Company, LLC has now agreed to replace the triggers for free in these rifles – Remington Model 700, Seven, Sportsman 78, 673, 710, 715, and 770 – for gun owners who file a claim. The Remington Model 700 and other included models can fire without the trigger being pulled, resulting in injury or death.

Remington has maintained that the guns are safe and free of defects even as it drafted a warning notice to customers in 1995.[1]  Documents from lawsuits against the company were reported by CNBC and in a 2010 documentary.[2] In 2014, the company agreed in a nationwide class action settlement to replace the triggers in some 7 million guns.

CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes reported on the defective Remington 700 rifle and the case of teenager Zachary Stringer, who was convicted of killing his younger brother, Justin, in 2011 with a Remington 700. Zachary testified that the gun went off on its own, but no one believed him. Remington said the gun could not fire without a trigger pull. The Mississippi Supreme Court upheld Zachary’s conviction and he had served five years in prison when his father, Roger Stringer, learned that the Remington 700 could fire without a trigger pull. Mr. Stringer challenged Zachary’s conviction and has asked the federal judge considering the proposed class action settlement in Pollard v. Remington Arms to “do what you can to keep this from happening to other families.”

I Own a Remington Firearm – What Should I Do?

Owners of Remington firearms should stop using them until they determine if the model they own has a defective trigger.

Public Justice has set up a free website for concerned firearm owners to see if their models are included. Visit http://www.remingtondocuments.com/ to learn which Remington rifles have defective triggers.

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