Dorothy from Richmond

I was driving to work early one morning, and it was still dark. I was going about 60 miles per hour on Route 360 when a tractor-trailer pulled out onto the road, as if I weren’t there. I hit the cab.

The injuries were pretty severe. I had a fractured back, a shattered pelvis, and a broken shoulder. I was rushed to Chippenham Hospital, where I stayed for about two weeks. An orthopedic surgeon had to put my back together, and a neurosurgeon put rods and pins up and down my lower back. Though my legs were fine, I couldn’t walk due to the damage in my back. I missed a semester of school.

My husband knew someone who had a wonderful client experience with Jamie. I spoke with him on Zoom while I was still in my hospital bed. He was so kind. Kristy was a gem, and Nicole too. They are the kindest people. They walked us through the process and gave us some insurance advice.

But the biggest gift of all was just being able to hand the case over to Jamie and not worry about it anymore. I had a tough recovery, and there were hiccups with the trucking company not being responsive. I just focused on healing and Jamie and his team pressed them for what I needed. They handled it beautifully. Jamie and his team are truly the kindest, hardest-working, most fabulous people. I am so grateful for them.