Carol from Doswell

I was out driving when a man in a truck drove straight through a stop sign. I was going 55 miles per hour and didn’t have enough time to brake.

I broke my neck, shattered my leg bones, and had to be in the hospital for a total of three weeks, considering rehab. Even when I was out of the hospital, I was in a wheelchair and neck brace. The man who ran the stop sign, his insurance started calling and sending over a bunch of paperwork. It was overwhelming, so we called Allen & Allen.

Brad and James could not have been any nicer and more informative. Even the legal assistant would call to check up on things. There were issues insurance-wise because the man had minimal insurance and no assets. And I had over $300,000 in medical bills. But Brad and James were able to work with what we had to cover all the bills –  we were even able to get a new car since the one I was driving was totaled.

They were so reassuring at Allen & Allen. I felt very well taken care of. They know what they are doing.