I was in an accident where we were stopped at a light when someone slammed into the back of us and smashed us into a truck. Our car was totaled, and I was injured.

I immediately started receiving bills, as well as phone calls from insurance companies trying to get me to sign releases. The other drivers both had two insurance companies! I was overwhelmed and thought I couldn’t do this anymore. I knew my hand was not going to be the same as it was before.

A friend of ours who is an attorney with Troutman recommended that I call Courtney Van Winkle. At our first meeting, I told Courtney I didn’t want to deal with this anymore – the phone calls, the letters. She told me that she and her team would take care of everything.

Hiring Courtney was the smartest thing I ever did. Wonderful from beginning to end. I felt informed and prepared for everything. It was a great experience, and I now consider Courtney a friend. I would tell anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by medical bills, letters, and phone calls to give it to Courtney; she will take care of it. She is a kind, compassionate, and brilliant woman.